desires change

This year I really only asked for alternative gifts. Money donated to things that really matter. And sometimes we do that in life to impress people or to feel better about all the things we waste during the year. But it’s great to watch the things we desire change. Several years ago, if I asked for that, it would have been a sacrifice. I would have missed all the things for me. But this year, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy at the simplicity of gifts. It meant so much that people around me tried to think about Christmas differently.

Some of the highlights:

  • Gratitude Box from my parents, husband & siblings (we all wrote things we appreciated about each other)
  • World Vision chickens from Kerri (she put tons of feathers in a box, I thought there was a dead chicken in the shoe box!)
  • HIV/AIDS Caregiver Kit from Jason & Brooke
  • Sister necklace from my siblings
  • UMCOR gift donated by my parents
  • My new amazingly comfortable recliner (my husband went WAY over our agreed upon spending limit but I LOVE it!)
  • Year subscription to Rev Magazine (love this magazine!)
  • Lots of gift cards to shop with!!
  • Spending time with my aunt, uncle & cousins, my husband’s family and seeing my family open some of their presents on webcam in Alaska (jealous of all their snow!)

I hope your Christmas & New Years are filled with moments that catch you off guard. Moments you internalize how much love, family and faith matter in our lives.

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