christmas eve

I’m not sure I can adequately describe what happened tonight. I hosted at the 3pm Frederick Pike service. Then stopped by my office to check email before the 5pm service. I wrote my dad an email, as he was preparing for 5 services at his church in Anchorage. I closed it by saying,

“I hope you’re surprised by joy tonight.”

It struck me how we try to manufacture the perfect Christmas moments. If we get the perfect gift, the best food, the right people around the table, then Christmas will be meaningful. We’re blind to a million moments that could fill us with joy because we’re too busy creating moments.

Are you too busy to be surprised by joy?

So we start the 5pm service and everytime I looked at the Jesus figurine on the altar, tears stream down my face. I can’t believe we get to do this. I can’t believe Jesus loves me that much that he would leave heaven and choose to get involved in our mess. I’ve never felt so close to God. Singing David Crowder’s O Praise Him rocked!

After worship, I hopped in my car to get to the YMCA service at 7pm and worshipped along with the radio all the way there. It’s been a great evening!

For those of us that work in the church, we’re often in danger of missing the point. We’re around everything so much that we get used to it.

I’m so thankful for moments I’m surprised and amazed all over again. Merry Christmas!!

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