New adventures are bubbling

Friends! For those of you who hang around this space, it’s time for an update on why I’m not writing as much around here lately. A couple months ago, I gave a whole-hearted yes to stewarding this palms up thing in the world.

I’d been noticing big and little moments where palms up seemed to be a thing that wanted to exist more freely in the world. Anytime I say yes to an invitation, it’s equal parts exciting and terrifying. This was no different.

All the voices kicked in. “Who do you think you are? No one will care. What if you burn out?” This time, I acknowledged the voices and invited them to sit in the back seat – or even the trunk. This wasn’t a time they got to drive.

One late December morning, I took a walk by a marina near our town and walked up to the edge of the water. The water was deep, dark and calm. It reminded me of the unknown I was sensing invitation into.

I committed right then and there. “Okay, God. I’m in. Again and again. You’re nudging. I’ll answer.” Tears sprang to my cold cheeks. Joy bubbled up in my throat. I was in.

Since that moment, so many interesting things are unfolding. Saying yes to God asks much of me. There are parts so deeply challenging, in the best way. But what has surprised me this time around is how insanely happy I am.

My being LOVES making fun things. Regardless of whether they find a home in another heart. I just LOVE making them. And by giving palms up a big yes, I now get to create those fun things. And wow, that alone brings me such surprising joy.

So yes, fun stuff is in the works! And that’s why I’ve been quiet around here.

I got to speak at the UMC Lead Conference in Seattle earlier this month. It was the first time I had to memorize a 15 minute talk and I was SO nervous. Terrified I’d blank. But I didn’t and it was so fun to share how this palms up rhythm is changing and saving me.

Your Palms Up Life continues. An every other week email to help us all let go with courage and ease.

Our Palms Up Leadership Cohort started last August. The next round of cohorts plan to start later this summer. Interested?

A book on living a palms up life is simmering and in book proposal mode. Seeing who might want to publish it and super open to self-publishing later this year if other options don’t pan out.

I got my FIRST writing contract to do an Advent Devotional for the United Methodist Publishing House. I just sent the draft in a week ago and it’s available August 4, 2020!

A colleague, David Valera, came across the Palms Up Manifesto we share around here and asked if we could make a video of it. Of course! Enjoy!

A few other projects are in the works for 2020. It’s fun to say yes and see where the energy goes. AND to keep a close eye on sustainability and pace. I’m intentional to practice a palms up pace of deep listening and trust while sharing it with others. Some days, I get this right. Some days, I don’t. I struggle with stewarding my energy and time. Palms up continually invites me to show up to the person or project in front of me. To pay attention. Cooperate with God. Release the outcome.


I’ll return to this space when it feels right. In the meantime, visit me at or Insta or Facebook!

Palms up, my friends,

One thought on “New adventures are bubbling

  1. I’m encouraged by your strength and willingness to go where God leads you. I have enjoyed a few visits to the Marysville church. I am a member of the Edmonds family and so excited for the appointment and move in July. God is about to do great things through you. Hang on and enjoy the ride. I am excited


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