I’ve been dreaming about this email for a while. It’s kind of a weird thing to dream about. But I wondered what might happen if I created a beautiful email and sent it to incredible people. Yeah, I know. Emails and beautiful are not two things I’d usually put together. Email often feels like a necessary evil to exist in our world today. 

But what if an email could be beautiful? 

What if two times a month, you opened up an email that left you feeling more at ease instead of pressured to move faster? More empowered and courageous rather than disconnected and fearful. Maybe an email could even clear the clutter around your heart so you could show up to your one holy life.

Welcome to Your Palms Up Life.

It’s an exclusive twice a month email for spiritually-minded people who want to let go of overwhelm with courage and ease.

It’s an invitation to pause, listen a little deeper, to ask a new question, hear a new perspective and emerge more grounded and focused on what matters most to you in this life.

Your time really matters to me. I promise not to waste it. You don’t need another email that promises to fix everything or ten steps to happiness. However, if that actually existed, I might sign up for it. I’m guessing you might need what I need. A few trusted voices who have struggled and emerged on the other side with something compelling. They’ve seen something and they’re trying to put it into words. They’re grounded in something that feels stronger and meaningful. 

I’m hoping and praying you find some of those voices here.


P.S. I’m doing my absolute best so that the email that arrives on your screen a couple times a month is something you look forward to. It’ll be a breath of new air that loosens the stuck parts of life so you can get clear on what really matters to you. If you move into a season where this email isn’t serving you anymore, unsubscribe anytime. Seriously. I hate getting tons of email I don’t need anymore. Unsubscribe anytime! See you soon.


Listen to Jenny’s interview on Bear the Light with Christianne Squires. It’s called, “Living a Palms Up Life & Reimagining Church Leadership.”

Jenny Smith is a United Methodist Church pastor living in the Pacific Northwest who is living what she calls a palms-up life. She’s also reimagining church leadership within her denomination by living it out with seven of her colleagues. She’s passionate about inclusion, co-visioning with her people, and living in opposition to hustle culture.

In this episode, we discuss:

* How her church has integrated an outward focus with inward transformation

* The relationship between how a leader lives and how a leader leads

* The competition, comparison, and isolation that mark most pastors’ lives

* What happened when seven clergy colleagues decided to walk alongside each other using Zoom and the Marco Polo app

* The four phases of the palms-up life and why they matter in today’s hustle culture