Are you present in the moment?

I was thinking yesterday as I spent quality time with my husband and two of our very best friends, how important it is to be present in the moment. I’m willing to bet it’s actually one of the most important things we do.

When we are with our children, spouse, at work or at play, what good are we if our minds are somewhere else? It’s so easy to take the most important people in our lives for granted.

I want to be a person who’s with my husband and completely focused on him and our conversation. I want to be with friends and not think about other things. Just simply enjoy their friendship. I want to be at school or church and focused entirely on how I can best serve and learn.

It’s really hard though. I’m amazed at how easily we blame things on our “ADD personalities.” I have trouble sitting through a 3 hour class without surfing the internet. I love to dream about the future and that distracts me from being present in the moment. When I’m hanging out with friends, I tend to think about what we’ll do next instead of enjoying the moment. I’m robbing others around me of the real me.

No one gets all of my attention.

I’m so far from the person I want to be.

And isn’t that the tension of life? The unfathomable distance between what we are and what we want.

I’m thankful that God makes a way between those two points. Otherwise, I’d be screwed.

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