Yes means…

On Monday, February 15, I was recommended to the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference for commissioning as a provisional member. This means the full board of Ordained Ministry will vote on me at the spring meeting and all clergy will vote at the clergy session in June. If those are both yes, then I’ll be commissioned as a pastor in the United Methodist Church on Saturday, June 15. I’ll receive a license to serve as a local pastor.

Yes means…
  • I’m entering into a relationship of trust and service to others
  • I’ll be able to baptize people, offer communion and officiate at weddings
  • The past 10 years in the candidacy system of the UMC have been worth it
  • In a culture of instant gratification, the things truly worth having take a lot of work
  • Other people see God’s gifts for ministry in me and it’s not just me and my crazy thoughts!
In other news…
I’ve been appointed to serve as associate pastor at Anchor Park UMC and East UMC in Anchorage, Alaska beginning July 1. Aaron and I are excited for this new adventure in our lives. Also sad to leave our Ohio family and church. We’re working hard to provide a healthy transition in our youth program. I’m also personally excited to spend the next several years in the same city as my parents and brothers!

One thought on “Yes means…

  1. CONGRATS!!!! 10 years….what a journey! What a sense of accomplishment you must have. YAY YOU!!! GO GOD! I hope to be where you are in my candidacy journey in 10 years.


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