just love them

Read a good post on what happens when we turn youth ministry into something that looks just like the rest of culture. Check out the post here.
This is what I wrote as a comment. Thought it summarized how I feel about youth ministry right now.
It’s tempting to get caught up in the facility and stuff. I still catch myself thinking teens care more about that than they do.
But then I look around at my teens who are inviting friends who keep coming back because they all feel loved by adults and each other. I’m reminded every week that it doesn’t matter that our couches are falling apart, our media computer’s internet rarely works and there’s popcorn embedded in the carpet. Our teens don’t see that. All they know is that someone wants to hear about their week. Someone cares enough to give a hug and encouragement. And someone sees something in them they always hoped was there.
I love my job. And personally, I’m glad it’s real, simple and raw. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Just love them and point them to God.

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