life in the margins

I’ve been thinking lately about margins. The extra space in our lives. I’ve been to a couple conferences where the speaker has reflected on the importance of living in the margins.

When I fill my life with everything I can think of (and usually all great endeavors), I get stressed, sick, worried and worn out. This could be too many school classes, spending too much time at work, scheduling too many activities, hanging out with too many groups and people, etc.
I heard someone say once that it’s amazing how every opportunity is an amazing opportunity. If we say yes to every great thing, we’re doomed. When I’m inviting people to serve in teen ministry, I always tell them I value people who can say no because they’d be over committed. I have to trust that the right people will discern it’s a great time for them to serve.
When I say no, it makes my yes mean something.
Benefits of Living in the Margins
  • better health (which honors God)
  • more focused & relaxed time with God
  • choosing to invest your time (which is now more valuable) in specific people
  • leaving work at work and being present with your family at home
  • a deeper awareness of God’s movement
  • i’ve had more meaningful conversations in the last month or so since I’ve focused on this – it’s incredible how I see opportunities that before I didn’t have time for
  • it reminds me that I’m a child of God and don’t have to earn anything my busyness doesn’t make God love me more
For those of us who have the desire to fill our schedule and never sit still, what are we afraid of if we slow down?
What can you do to create more space and downtime in your life?
Is there something you know you need to step back from so you have more time for something else?

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