Discerning God’s call is like driving in a downpour

Last week I was driving some of our our teens home from an afternoon of mini-golf. The heavens opened up and let loose on Dayton, Ohio.
As I drove down Main Street, I realized that discerning God’s call in my life is like driving in a downpour.
1. I couldn’t see very far in front of me. 5 feet maybe? Beyond that it wasn’t clear at all.
2. I could drive on recall because I was familiar with some of the roads but some areas were new to me. I could not even guess where the road went.
3. I had my GPS that so clearly told me where to go. But if I looked 3 inches to the left of the GPS at the drenching rain, I got nervous.
4. It was more fun when there were friends in the car with me. They couldn’t always tell me where to go, but they were along for the ride.
5. I felt camaraderie with the cars around me. Mostly we were going slow and staying close to each other’s tail lights so we could see. When I got too far from other cars, it was even harder to see where to go.
6. The whole time the GPS knew where I was and where I was going. I could trust that. But I still had to do the work of driving in the downpour.
There are so many nuances to discerning a call from God. It’s joyful, frustrating, painful, confusing, peaceful, complicated, exciting, scary and messy. But every conversation with a trusted friend and mentor has moved me closer to the heart of God. I’ve also learned that there isn’t necessarily and right and wrong choice. God will use us wherever we are.
If you or someone you know is 18-24 years old and thinking about full-time ministry, I invite you to check out a very cool event in Dallas this November. More info here.
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