on air, squirrel parkas & walter the walrus

a camp we went to on the coast for a potluck dinner

we found walter the walrus. poor guy. we had a funeral.

wilfred anowlic, very cool alaska native who spent time with us
we got to help host the morning radio show!

Today I watched my professor chase reindeer, saw walter the walrus dead on a beach, almost got smoked out of a small cabin, used an outhouse, celebrated Julie’s birthday, spent $60 on fruit, looked for gold and talked on a morning radio show. I love Alaska.

It was great to be a part of the morning prayer show at one of the local radio stations. I understand now a little more about the power of radio. I had trouble with the industry not knowing how many were listening. With internet, we know how many people visit at any moment. I don’t put my time into something that no one enjoys. But with radio, it’s trust that someone is listening. They do a survey every 10 years that tells them who regularly listens. They also got permission from the Geneva Commission to broadcast into Russia!!

Wilfred Anowlic, an Alaska native who lived on King Island, came and spent time with us. Here’s a picture of where he used to live. The island wasn’t flat. They lived on the side of it! He called it paradise. No traffic, no stoplights, no stores.
Wilfred: “God has given us everything we need to survive through earth & nature.” “My favorite white man food is T-bone steak.”
Wilfred and his people were kicked off the island when the government thought the rocks on the mountain would fall on their houses. The rocks never did. But the people were removed from the only home they’ve ever known. The land & sea is everything for Alaska natives.
Kristen and I were walking to the grocery store when we looked up and saw a reindeer riding in the back of a truck. It was so funny. Turns out a family in town has a pet reindeer.
We had a potluck dinner at a camp on the ocean with the other pastors in town. We ventured down to the beach and found a dead walrus. We named him Walter and had a funeral. Poor guy.
During dinner, everyone rushed to the window because 6-8 wild reindeer were walking across the tundra. We ran outside to get a better look. Really wishing I had my better camera. But my professor walked much closer to them and got about 75 yards away.
Enjoyed a couple hours of devotions & debrief this evening.

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