Radio, pizza & kids

headquarters for the sin city of Nome
biggest pizza slice ever

Today we toured two radio stations here in Nome. They play music, news & weather. They also act as a message board for the 15 surrounding villages. People can call in with messages for others.
We’re impressed with the passion & energy of people who serve in ministry here. We figure they have to otherwise they probably wouldn’t choose to live here.
We attended a Rotary meeting at Airport Pizza over lunch. Jesse Zink shared a presentation on his time in South Africa working in a clinic. Ironic to see pictures from a place with deep poverty while we’re experiencing similarities here.
One of the radio stations purposely installed a lot of windows so their staff can stay connected with the outside world during the dark winter months. The radio stations help get the word out that traveling medical equipment and doctors will be visiting a village.
One of the radio station managers said sometimes you just have to keep lighting candles instead of focusing on the darkness. Appreciated that comment.
We stopped by a museum and learned some Nome history. They said people can still find gold on the beach here. We’re going to try it later this week. đŸ™‚
We got some downtime and then played with kids from the Children’s Home on the church playground. They kicked my butt at tag. So much fun.

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