my mission statement

My Mission Statement

I will spend my entire life:

  • Making disciples for Jesus Christ
  • Creatively communicating Jesus’ message of radical love in relevant ways
  • Seeking excellence and efficiency but also recognizing the beauty of chaos
  • Claiming my strengths and empowering others to serve in their giftedness
  • Seeing obstacles as opportunities
  • Deeply valuing and affirming my teammates and their gifts for leadership
  • Leading with a contagious hope placed in the fact that God is still working
  • Remembering God employs goofy people like us
  • Seeing everything as an experiment
  • Believing tension & conflict are necessary for real growth
  • Communicating a clear vision for where we are going
  • Saying no so my yes means something
  • Helping people far from God to experience Christ’s love, inner transformation and be unleashed to change their part of the world
  • Challenging people on the very tough words of Jesus
  • Thriving in transparency and accountability
  • Knowing failure is the first step to God and the next step to a great idea

As of October 2008…

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