think you’re too old or too young?

Steven Furtick, 28 year old pastor at Elevation Church:

Are you spending your time giving God excuses or giving God your everything?

Very few people successfully seize their season of life. We’re either waiting for God to use us “one day when…” or we’re harkening back to the good old days when God used us “once upon a time.”

But our God is a God of right now.

God assigned you to your generation. Your age & stage in life are not on accident.

“I’m coming after those of you that are 50 & 60. I need the wisdom that you can provide. And you need my energy. You need my hyperactivity. A little ADHD in your life.”

Embrace your strengths & face your struggles.

“If you’re in high school, it’s going to be hard to navigate your way through this sex-crazed culture and keep your pants on.”

“I pray my boys will be two of the greatest men of God in their generation. Some of you may say that’s aiming a little high. Well, isn’t about time people aimed higher? Because when I look at my generation, you know who the poster child is? Britney-freaking-Spears. Help me God.”

“I believe the greatest generation that has ever lived on the face of the earth is walking the halls of our high schools. If you’re in high school and no one has ever believed in you before and your parents think you’re a waste of God’s oxygen and no one has spoken potential into your life, then let me be the first to tell you God put you where God wanted to put you and it’s your time for your thing from God. Not when you’re 50, when you have money, right now.”

This generation coming up is the underchallenged generation.

I’m tired of seeing people waste their lives.

Don’t let ANYONE “shhh” you. Get louder. Don’t listen to the voices. You’re too old to start that business. You’re too young to lead that church.

Once you decide that no one is going to shut you up, that no situation is going to limit your vision and no human being is going to silence your dreams, look out.

The problem isn’t that your too young or too old or that your inbetween. God is not waiting to bless you one day. God didn’t finish blessing you back then. Our problem is our vision.

When you see all that God wants you to see, your willing to open yourself up, there’s no limit to what God can do in your life.

You can have the time of your life serving the living God, just ask.

Ask God to give you your vision back.

I don’t see any old people here. I see people who God’s not done with because if God was, you’d be in the ground.

One thought on “think you’re too old or too young?

  1. yes, you're right. Love reading this post. I myself so often waste my life by doing nothing and just wait for God doing something 'better' in my life.Thanks for share this writing. So encouraging & inspiring.Nice blog!kristine


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