answer to prayer

there was women’s prayer walk tonight at church. over 70 women came! there were 8 different rooms set up with different themes centered around peace during the christmas season. after the thoughts in my last post, i was looking forward to the experience tonight. the set up was a lot of work and it was hard to stay positive! but this women’s ministry team is so much fun to work with. i could feel the Spirit lifting us up as we prayed together.

i helped point women to the room they were looking for. and the whole time i was just itching to walk through myself! i couldn’t wait to spend quality time with God in the different rooms. they were gorgeous!!

needless to say, the time i got to spend with God in prayer was incredible. my heart was finally softened to some things i needed to hear. i’ve been stubborn about a couple things and God just washed it away. its so freeing to be open before God.

convicted me to come home and set up part of our basement as a prayer room.


after i posted this, i was surfing the latest stuff on jonny baker’s blog. came across how to become an early riser. i am already a morning person. but as i seek to focus on my prayer life, i would love to get up even earlier. i am much more productive early in the morning before i leave for school. this article was pretty good. some great points about how our bodies work and sleep.

also – time management for creative people – free ebook.

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