An addiction I need to break

I have an addiction that it’s time to confess. It captures my attention all day long. It keeps me from other things that are more important. I rationalize that it’s part of my job (and it is!) but it still takes up a sinful amount of my time.

Checking email.

I sometimes watch myself in moments of “boredom”…which are actually margins for me to breathe, yet I constantly reach for my phone to check email, Facebook, send a text or play games. Constantly.

A friend told me about a new website called LoopChange. You choose a habit you want to change and commit to try for 21 days. You receive encouragement from others in the online community and write updates of your progress.

I started a mission on the site today to see if I can begin checking my email less. I will start by not checking until I arrive at work, once during my lunch break and once in the evening. I use email a great deal for work so I’ll decide later if I need to decrease during my work hours.

I’m interested to see how this online community may help me live a healthier, more God-honoring life. Because when I have fewer pointless distractions, I’m more aware of God and how I can serve others.

Do you have a behavior you want to change? Check out LoopChange.

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