just dance

On Saturday evening, my mom and I attended the Momentum Dance Collective’s fall fundraiser. It was a beautiful show with six original dances choreographed by local dancers.

They danced beautifully as the music moved through them. Their steps were so effortless. It was obvious they had practiced for many hours. And they simply enjoyed the dance. They gave me the feeling they would do this for hours whether the audience had been there or not.

Reminded me of our lives with God. When we arrange our lives so that God can use us, we can just enjoy the dance. When we spend time with God in prayer and study, that relationship flourishes and grows. Our time with God translates to a life lived in the deep riches of contentment, peace and challenge.

Some of us work so hard at our relationship with God that we forget to enjoy it. We work so hard to follow all the “rules.” We feel bad when we don’t read the Bible or miss church. We see someone in need and we pass by. We beat ourselves up and forget our relationship with God is supposed to be joyful. God wants us to enjoy our salvation. 

Their smiles captured me. They had a secret that I had to figure out. Why were they so happy? What had they realized about life that I was missing? How could they be so calm and strong when the world was swirling around them?

Peace overflowed from their being. 

A small smile came upon my face as their dance ended. They were doing what they were created to do.

And I knew where to find the source of their peace.

2 thoughts on “just dance

  1. Jenny,Thank you so much for reflecting on the show. I am touched that you took a part of it with you after the show was all over. Dancing is one of the most uplifting and satisfying parts of my life–I'm always so happy to share it with an audience with such receptive people as you.Again, beautiful words. Thank you for attending the show…more to come…:)Beth


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