honoring our leaders

Saw a great post from Steven Furtick, a pastor in North Carolina on honoring our leaders. I’m entering my second month as an associate pastor and this is a great reminder of one of our goals. In the business and church world, most of us answer to someone else. How do you treat them? How do you honor them?

“To show honor to leaders is to treat them as being special because in reality that’s what they are. God has placed them in a unique position over you. He has given them the responsibility of casting vision and coordinating the efforts of the people they lead to achieve it. And that includes yours.

What your leader needs and deserves then is for you to ascribe to them the weight God has already given them. To set them apart as special in your life and be willing to do whatever it takes to help them succeed. And you’ll find that by setting them up for success you’ll by extension be setting yourself up for success.

If you’re at a loss, here are some questions to ask…

1. What is your leader’s favorite way to communicate?
– Adapt to it. Even if it’s not your favorite way to communicate.

2. What makes your leader’s day?
– Do it.

3. What does your leader dread?
– Nuke it before it ever gets to them.

4. What is the thing you can do for your leader that only you can do?
– Keep doing it and do it better.

5. What sets my leader back?
– Do everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t happen.

If you’re still struggling with honoring and serving those God has placed over you, one of the greatest things you may need to realize is that God hasn’t placed your leaders over you to make your vision come to pass. He has put you under them to make their vision comes to pass. And God isn’t going to hold you accountable for their vision. He’s going to hold you accountable for your support of their vision.”

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