Pieces of Me

Disclaimer: There are many other faith traditions not mentioned here. These are just the ones I’ve experienced in my life so far.

The United Methodist Church has taught me to be open and accepting. The sense of community on a global, national and local level is engaging. Every church is connected to the others through hundreds of networks, agencies, Facebook pages, websites and prayer. That enables a level of social justice and action that is unparalleled.

The Baptist church has taught me how important it is to define what I believe. I love asking questions, doubting God at times and comfortable that I’ll never have all the answers. But it’s also important to verbalize and communicate the things I do believe. I’ve learned the value of spending quiet time with God each day.

Non-denominational churches have taught me its okay to break the rules sometimes. It’s humbling to depend on God for everything, especially as a new faith community is planted. Their creative innovation and dynamic preaching always impacts me.

The Orthodox Church has taught me dedication and consistency.

The Pentecostal church has taught me to look beyond their sometimes unusual behavior to see people truly touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit. When I anticipate and expect the Holy Spirit to show up, I’m taken to an entirely new level of communion with God.

The United Church of Christ has taught me the deep human value of full acceptance and unconditional love.

The Emergent movement has taught me that we need to intentionally rethink everything we do.

The Seeker movement has taught me how important it is for life-long church members to understand where a person new to faith is coming from.

Judaism has taught me the worth of telling your story and knowing your heritage.

These experiences have and will to continue to add a much deeper, fuller expression to my faith. And instead of competition and comparison, I want to believe we need every single expression of faith. We need all kinds of churches to connect with all kinds of people.

Same goes for music & worship styles.

What faith traditions have shaped you?

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