Leadership Summit day 2, part 2

Brad Anderson, CEO of Best Buy

People matter. Have faith in your people and they’ll come up with a solution. See what’s good in people and pull it out.

Lots of people have gifts and don’t get a chance to find out they can use them. Everyone has something waiting in them to be developed.

If employees are highly engaged, customers have a much better experience.

You must authentically care about the people you’re leading. A lot of people are driven to leadership because they actually care more about themselves. People are looking for affirmation of themselves. True leaders get a higher fulfillment level out of empowering others instead of personal achievement.

A leader is held accountable because they should know better.

We’re all different with different callings, so we shouldn’t be so surprised when it can be hard to work together.

How do you fire someone up who has lost their passion?
How does the person see their work as significant?

Churches have to keep inspiration levels high without the financial bonuses that corporations can use.

One of Best Buy’s company values is family first.

Bill Hybels

Studied the life of Mother Teresa
She refused God nothing. Said yes to God’s bidding every single time, no matter the price.
She made little sacrifices like always going to the back of the line, cleaning up
She made little fidelities to Scripture. She guarded her words and actions very carefully. Honored God when no one else was looking.

God raised her up and entrusted her with a level of influence that many do not get.

Are you the kind of person who is lighting up the radar screen in heaven?

You meet leaders all the time who want to lead a big thing more than they want more of God. We sometimes secretly wish God would bless our plans.

Teresa prayed for over ten years for God to use her. She had an Inspiration Day on September 10, 1946 on a train. It took another year and a half before she was allowed to follow through on her calling.

Pay attention to callings. Embrace them. Accept them.

Is this calling from God or did I just make it up? How do you know the difference?

What price am I actually willing to pay?

How long am I willing to wait until God moves obstacles?

Do I adjust my timeline so that it’s God timeline?

Do I truly believe God can change the heart of the person who has authority over me?

Be careful when you’re in the waiting room. God is preparing you for the rest of your life.

She wrote her archbishop and said, “you don’t have to help me at all. I’m just asking you to not stand in the way.”

Outlast the opposition.
Out pray the problems.
Wear down those who stand in your way.
Be relentless.
Can you imagine what God could do through you if you hang on?

Callings are holy things.

How serious is your calling?
How bad do you want it?

Even thought I can’t feel God’s presence for a period of time, I will seek to love God as God has never been loved.

God deserves to be loved with our heart, mind, soul & strength.

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