first day of class

i spent my first day of class sitting on my couch, enjoying the quiet and listening to my dog’s constant breathing.

i love online classes.

i went swimming this morning! my health is no longer a joke, something i should try to work on. i got up at 7am this morning and headed to the Y. my amazing husband rolled out of bed and even went with me!

i don’t think i’ve shared it here but i’m now on a gluten-free diet. no wheat/bread. it’s been overwhelming to realize my body doesn’t handle it and i might never eat bread, cookies, cakes again.

slowly but surely, i’m digging through all the gluten-free information online, seeing what has worked for other people, and pillaging local health food stores. its a lot to take in but i’m confident the new diet and exercise will help a lot.

i’m also extremely happy to say i finally found some chocolate cookies that taste just like Oreos! and today i found a pizza that tastes great with no wheat in it.

ah, the things it takes to make my day.

nd yay, i’m done with school for the day. 🙂

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