I can never be sure that my perspective is true in any larger sense. I declare what is true “for me.” But is it true for others as well?

Anyone who thinks that Scripture speaks clearly and unequivocally simply has not read it carefully enough. It is full of obscurity and conflicting views.

But many interpretations reveal the richness of Scripture.

God is not an object we can define. Everything that humans can say about God comes through the process of God’s self-disclosure in and through the world, a process that always remains elusive and uncontrollable.

God’s absolute otherness demands silence rather than description.

The believer affirms that there is mystery at the heart of the world, a mystery that does not yield to direct examination, that refuses to be measured or manipulated, yet suggests its presence in every single thing that we can feel and taste and see and hear and smell in the world.
Every time we pray to God through the risen Lord Jesus, say “yes” to God and mean it, we also thereby say “no” to a world defined on the basis of matter alone, a world run solely on the basis of measurement and manipulation.

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