and the path now veers in a new direction

and 9 months later…

I finished up 2 classes at Asbury Orlando last fall. Enjoyed the interaction between many different types of religious backgrounds.

Continued working here at Georgianna in the spring. I applied to Candler, Perkins & United. Got some great scholarships and ended up deciding on United. We’ve got lots of family in Ohio and look forward to going “home.” Aaron and I were both born in central Ohio.

As I continue this journey to & through seminary, I feel my view of myself starting to shift. I’m beginning to see myself in a different light. Before now, I was a little girl wanting to be a pastor. Now I feel like a pastor who is still in touch with the girl inside me.

I was looking through the fall catalog of classes the other day and came across 2 classes entitled, “The Funeral,” and “The Wedding.” I was so excited! I can’t wait to be a part of such big events in peoples’ lives. To have a chance to bring comfort and to help connect how much God loves them.

I look forward to posting more as I start class again in September…

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