accepting the tension

I’ve discovered I’m very comfortable with the tension in religion. Up until now (and still a little bit), I’ve felt wishy-washy and unable to take a stand on issues. But I simply am comfortable in the tension.

I understand both sides of the abortion issue. I think girls who are raped should be able to get an abortion because it’s not their fault. But babies bring people so much joy, if you get pregnant and don’t want it, have the child and give it up for adoption.

I get the whole gay marriage argument from both sides. I think two people who are commited should be allowed to be together no matter their gender. I’ve seen families with two mom’s share so much unconditional love … more than a lot of broken homes.

It’s been fun to see my “theology” start to become more solidified lately. As I read books for class and Rob Bell/Brian McLaren, etc. I see my deepest convictions come forth.


Random class notes….

For conversion, some churches require people to come to altar, pray sinners pray…and cry.

A lot.

But thank goodness we can pray to God in our bedroom or anywhere and we don’t have to cry.

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