I’m tired of being comfortable. It’s lulling me to sleep. I feel my creativity going numb.

I didn’t fully realize I felt this way until I got the opportunity to begin work on a new kind of worship gathering for our church this year. It’s opening up the creative process God placed in me that’s been quiet for a while.

Yes, I access part of that creative process when writing prayers for Sunday morning. Preparing a sermon. Designing a graphic or poster. But it’s been awhile since I’ve been in an environment that pulled this different kind of creativity out of me.

I’m thankful for this season to flex and work on my creative muscles. They’ve been quiet for too long.

Enjoyed finding this:

We are creatures of comfort. 
We like to be safe and secure
to be surrounded by what we know
to be in control
to order our lives in the way that suits us.

We want our journeys mapped out for us
itinerary decided, tickets booked
time of arrival guaranteed
refreshment breaks at regular intervals
and a credit card for unforeseen circumstances.

But Jesus said ‘follow me’ without saying where he was going
just promising transformation along the way.

read the rest…

Nothing good or creative emerges from business as usual. 


One thought on “creativity

  1. Hey, I like that prayer. It goes along with some of the stuff we're doing in worship, trying to week through misconceptions about Jesus that make faith easier on us and trying to live into the difficult aspects. Thanks, as always.


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