Do you have a sense of intentionality in the things you do? How many times during the day do we do something simply because we’ve always done it? Well some things are necessary to function. But I think that overflows into areas where we should think twice.

I think I’ve mentioned this in every meeting at church recently. 🙂 Are we being intentional about the classes we’re offering, the programs we hold, the people we serve? Or we fall into the trap of doing something because we’ve always done it.

Are you intentional about the time you spend with your spouse and/or family? Do you take it for granted?

Are you intentional about how you accomplish tasks at work? Do you meander through the day, hoping to get something done. Or do you intentionally look at what steps would get it done in the best way?

I believe our intentionality honors God. Tackle things with purpose and passion.

Don’t miss the sacred moments each day that could be even more joy-full if you move through them with intentionality.

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