busy & wonderful day

I’m winding down from one of the busiest days I’ve had in months. Very glad to report I’m alive and still excited!
We launched http://www.utschurchmedia.com/ tonight. Will be recruiting at the Leadership Summit tomorrow.

I sent out a Facebook call to our UMC Young Clergy group asking for pictures for our presentation in a couple weeks and have gotten over 75 pictures so far! It’s so fun to see everyone’s faces together. So much hope for the future.

Met with Leroy today who’s my informal Ohio mentor. He challenged me with great questions and I’m so glad to be meeting with someone in this candidacy process. My new Alaska mentor, Peter, is getting me ready for my psychological exam. Moving closer!

I’m enjoying watching my husband frantically search for his college transcripts tonight. He’s checking out some certification programs and will not sleep until he finds them….oh he just found them! He’s currently rejoicing over the classes he won’t have to repeat.

Picture of the Day:

This is an awesome banner on King Ave. UMC on the Ohio State campus in Columbus. My mom attended this church during college. What a great message to send to their community…

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