Making room for goodbyes

My phone was on record while tears traveled down my warm cheeks. My sister sat next to me as sniffles filled our corner of the room. Our brothers and husbands sat behind us next to our mom. In front of us, we watched our dad do something he does well: transitions.After five years at Bend … Continue reading Making room for goodbyes

How much work is enough?

We recently reflected on this statement: maybe the answer isn’t to work harder. Turns out we can question an entire culture of overwork and over functioning. But how much work is enough?A few months back, my coach asked me the exact same question. She had watched me wrestle for a couple years now with my … Continue reading How much work is enough?

The answer is not for me to work harder

“You want me to answer my emails." Bishop Elaine Stanovsky read this statement aloud at the end of Oregon-Idaho's Annual Conference gathering a couple weeks ago. Participants had a previous opportunity to leave her notes with questions or concerns. There was a smattering of laughter and then she responded."And I want you to know when I … Continue reading The answer is not for me to work harder