Day 5

Sue Nilson Kibbey (Executive Pastor) teachingBuilding a Missional Team - SuePeople want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The church MUST be giving that opportunity.It's not our job to tell members what God wants them to do. It's our job to set the stage so God can speak to them.20% of the … Continue reading Day 5

Day 4

Ginghamsburg Weekly Staff Chapel & LunchMost people want to do Bible study, not discipleshipChristians think cloning is immoral, yet we spend all our energy cloning successful churches - be who God made you to beA pastor is not a position; it’s a function in the church, not more or less importantPreachingFor the leader of the … Continue reading Day 4

Day 3 of Missional Church class

Day 3 at Ginghamsburg...Strategic LeadershipMore people focus on faith in Jesus rather than following JesusNeed to move from macro-focus (mega church or mall church) to micro (cafe & house churches)Empower micro-communities committed to macro-missionErr on grace rather than judgmentJesus was people building, not church buildingBoring is not the same thing as truthTell YOUR storiesGod does … Continue reading Day 3 of Missional Church class