Where The Waters Meet: A Different Way to Engage Conflict

My family and I got to visit Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands last weekend. Somehow, we lucked into the best October weather the Pacific Northwest ever sees. We assumed it would rain the whole time but we got beautiful sunny warm weather. Our family visited Spencer Spit State Park for a few hours and I stumbled upon a pretty cool little spot. This piece of land juts out into the water and almost touches another island. I was able to stand at the end and watch two sets of waves meet. They were flowing opposite directions. I couldn’t believe how peaceful and quiet the moment was.

As we all continue to figure out how to navigate a world with such polarities and extremes, may new ways of engaging conflict rise to meet us.

Where The Waters Meet

There is a place where one set of waves meet another
You would think they would crash into each other 
with their own momentum and route and movement
But they don’t 

Instead, the peaceful energy of one wave 
mixes with the opposing energy of the other

No violence
No clashing
No selfishness
No force

Just ease 

Each wave melts into the other with serene comfort

At this moment where the waters meet there is absolute peace
Acceptance of opposing realities
A compromising to each other
As a new path emerges
That only could appear
When two rival energies meet
And become something new

There is a place where the waters meet

If only our world would take note
Of a different way to engage conflicting energies

What if the thing so adamantly opposed
Contains part of the new path forward?

Is it possible the two opposing energies
Could truly meet
In non-violence
In grace
In love

And listen to each other?

This is where the waters meet

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