what to do when a new thing is unfolding

Have you ever felt nudged, invited or slightly pushed into a new season of life? You sense the old way of being is on its way out and something new is calling you forward.

It’s awkward. Exciting. Nerve-wracking. Compelling.

These seasons can feel so disruptive. Recently I whispered to God, “I hate that this dream is so disruptive!” 

I want an easy dream. An easy new adventure. One that fits into my life with ease. A new season that’s manageable. Definable. Controllable.


I’ve been reminded lately that there is an energy in this world (I call it God, you might call it something else) that loves to stir things up. To remind us it cannot be contained. 

Your Spirit moves like an unexpected wind,
stirring everything up – 
you show no concern for etiquette.
Once or twice a year, we delight in this part of you.
But most of the time, we do our best
to tame you
to cage you
to confine you 
to our obsessions with order, with rules, with systems, with traditions, and mostly with control.
Those in power fear what a God that isn’t institutionalized might take away from them.
If the wild in you brings out the wild in us
chains could break,
towers could topple,
table manners might be exchanged for table flipping.


We are invited to say yes to what’s unfolding in front of us. Maybe you feel like you can’t say yes until you can say yes to everything that might come after the first yes.

Some days, I really wish life worked like that. 

We can see step 1 and 2. But we want to see step 8 and 9, now. Then we’ll have a guarantee that it really is okay to jump.

Are you willing to take one step forward into a new thing if all you can see is step 1 and 2? 

All the love and energy in your life hopes you’ll say yes.

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