fear is not the boss of us

My heart hurts because the last couple weeks in our country have been weird. We’re trying to figure out what is fact and what is fear. I go back and forth. Several times a day.

My faith tells me there’s a true story and an easy story. I’m always looking for the true story instead of going for the easy story that usually involves avoiding pain.

The easy story tells me women are not fully human. We’re here for other people’s pleasure. If we speak up, we need to know our place is in the second chair or at home. Men are fully capable of making decisions about our bodies for us.

This story is not true.

Fear is not a true story. We face it, name it, bring it into the light and watch love soften it. Fear is not the boss of us. Love is.

What Donald Trump says about women is not true.
What God says about women is true.

You are fully human. You exist to be your whole self in a beautiful world. Your voice needs to be heard. You have a seat at the table. You are not less important than a man. We are equal.

Men, we need you to speak up right now. To tell us and the world that we matter. That we’re valued for who we are, not what we look like. You may think we should know this by now. But the headlines have created a world where it doesn’t feel true.

Women, don’t let fear be the boss of us. Let the true story overwhelm the easy story.

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