I want to tell you about you

I curled up with my daughter in her bed tonight to read a new book, “Miss Maple’s Seeds.” I love reading new books to our kids. We’ve read most of them 736 times, so it’s a special night when the story is fresh and we don’t know what will happen with each turn of the page.

I read the book slowly and purposefully, even adding different voices and rhythm. This wasn’t a night to rush through the book so I could watch the Daily Show, surf Facebook and eat ice cream. I wanted to be fully present to this new story and my daughter’s interaction with it. At the end of the book, there was a flap with some questions to ask afterwards. One of them caught my eye:

“After reading the things Miss Maple does for her seeds, share some special things you did for your child as a baby.”

I asked Isabella if she wanted to hear how we helped care for her when she was a baby. Her immediate grin was my answer. As I started to tell her about all the diaper changes, nursing sessions, baths, trying new foods and long walks in her stroller, I realized I hadn’t ever told her most of these stories. They were integeral to the first years of her life and yet, I assumed she knew them. I mean she was there, right?

Made me think of the church and the story we tell. As children of God, we’re all part of this weird and wonderful story about who we are and how we came to be and what God’s dreaming for us. And yet, I need people to remind me of that story. All the time. Even though it’s my job to remind others of their place in the story.

So thanks to all of you who keep reminding me of who I am. And if you ever need to remember who you are, send me a message and I’ll tell you. 🙂

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