map my life!

Hey all! So, in the past month, we’ve packed up the rest of our home in Anchorage and moved down to Marysville, Washington. We said goodbye to our St. John family and started our hello’s to our Marysville family. We spent a week in Bend, Oregon with my parents while my husband drove the UHaul through Canada. What a month!

As we start to create our new normal in Marysville, we’re learning how to keep our non-air-conditioned house cool in 90 degree temps. We’re quickly trying out all the playgrounds in town with the 3 year old. And we’ve discovered a great feature on the maps on our phones. All you lower 48 residents likely already knew this. We type in the address of our destination and we’re given a couple possible routes. Then we started noticing it would tell us where the traffic congestion was! Now we spend most of our time wondering how Google knows this, but we are grateful.

Now I find myself, even on short trips to the store, looking for the fastest and smoothest route. That got me thinking about how I spiritually and emotionally map out my life. I would LOVE to type in my destination (like making new friends or adjusting to a new church community) and have Google tell me exactly how to get there. For some reason, our human nature continues to focus on the end goal, when we keep learning over and over that the journey there is the whole point.

For example, I love dreaming about setting up a new home – surfing Pinterest and looking for ways to create a sanctuary of peace and joy in our home. But when it comes to actually driving to the store, making a decision, swiping the credit card and putting it in place, that part never quite plays out in my head like I thought it would.

Friends, where is God inviting you to focus on the journey and not the destination? Where might you want to release the outcome on the destination?

For those of you in a season of dark red, congested, frustrating, bumper to bumper traffic – may you feel and know God waiting with you.

For those of you in a season of bright green, smooth sailing, all is well life – may you feel and know God moving with you.

Here’s to this new journey!

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