Be Brave

It’s time to resurrect the blog…again. For the last couple years, I decided to just use Facebook for thoughts I wanted to share. But the time has come again to use this blog as a way of getting the stuff in my head and heart out into the world.

I have a fear of writing. Which is ironic since I write sermons fairly often. But it’s different to write words to share out loud. I can communicate so much more with my voice, body language and spirit. But the words on paper or screen… the words look so lonely and vulnerable. You could take them different than I intended. I could change my mind later. It just feels super uncomfortable to put it out there.

A couple years ago, I got to spend two days with Rob Bell at a gathering on the beach in Southern California. By the way, it was amazing! I still review the notes from those days every couple months. Life changing conversations. One thing he said was so important that I wrote it on a card next to my bed: The more wide awake I am to my own experiences, the more I can help others do this.”

So it’s time for me to be brave in a new way. I love being wide awake to my life. The good, bad and really ugly. And sharing where I feel God walking around in the midst of it. If it helps someone else in some small way, then this will be worth the time. Enjoy!

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