on the smile hunt

I’ve been watching Isabella for her first smiles for the past several weeks. We would see glimpses from time to time. I’m biased but oh my goodness, they are beautiful! My dad saw a couple early on. Aaron and I both caught a big one last week while we were on Face time with his parents.

I used to make fun of full grown adults making baby faces and noises trying to get infants to smile. I would roll my eyes and wonder if they realized how silly they looked.

Then I had a baby. 🙂

I’ve never worked so hard to get someone to smile. Or looked so forward to a facial movement by someone I love. We now see about 4 smiles a day from her.

Last night we made a Face time call to her great-grandparents in South Carolina. Isabella must have fallen in love with her great-grandma’s voice because she preceded to smile at least 5 times in the span of 5 minutes!

How hard do we work to make others smile? Do we save our words of encouragement for when we’re in a good mood and feel like sharing the love? Or do they flow out of us easily? As Jesus followers, we’re called to work on “encouraging one another and building one another up (1 Thess 5:11).”

There may be someone in your path today that desperately needs some encouragement. May we set aside the petty issues that keep us from pouring love into others.

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