that awkward place

You know that awkward place between what has been and what is coming?

I had my baby a month ago and am losing weight. My maternity clothes don’t fit anymore. But I don’t really fit into my pre-baby clothes either. Awkward.

My senior pastor at the two churches I serve got a new appointment to serve a church in Iowa. I get to serve with an interim senior pastor for the next five months. Both churches are working with the superintendent and bishop on their next pastoral leader. The transition is full of the past, present and future colliding.

Every Sunday we gather as the body of Christ to explore what it means to bring a bit more of the kingdom of God to Anchorage. We pray about it. Sing about it. Learn about it. There are Sundays it feels like we’re really doing it! Then there are weeks it feels like we’ve hardly begun. We experience the tension of where we’ve been and what is yet to come.

I ask God this every week… “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

I long for the kingdom of God to be an increasing reality in my city. And I acknowledge the frustration that while our efforts are paving the way, it often seems so far away.

We’re stuck in that awkward place.

And I have a feeling that is right where God wants us.

*Wondering where the picture came from? It was near the top when I typed into Google “awkward place.” Haha.

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