tummy time & the kingdom of God

My daughter turns one month old tomorrow. People often say, “where’d the time go?” Sure, some days went quickly but I know exactly where the time went. Baths, diapers, naps, crying, kisses, play time, visitors, trips, feeding. I love being a mom.

I’m also a pastor. Which means lots of thoughts about faith, the church and the kingdom of God come to mind as I watch her grow.

This morning I was enjoying some tummy time with her. Each day she gets stronger and stronger as she lifts up her head and turns it from side to side. I encourage her and we do this for about 10 minutes. I see her start to get frustrated and I let her continue a couple more minutes. Then I flip her onto her back to rest for a bit. She looks around and loves all the bright colors and shapes on her play mat.

When it comes to our relationship with God and our wider connection in the body of Christ – who gives us tummy time?

Who gives you a chance to get stronger? Or have most of us been left to lie on our backs?

It’s fun for a while. We gaze around with a little smile on our face. But at some point, as my daughter proves time and again – we get bored. We want to be held, loved, challenged or just want our diaper changed.

Friends, I want someone to flip me onto my stomach so I can get stronger in a new area of my life. And that’s what we do for each other when we serve those in need, listen in a small group or worship together.

Here’s to some good tummy time in your future.

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