holiness wrapped in humanity

A couple years ago, a friend told me about a book she was really enjoying. It brought the Bible to life in a way she hadn’t experienced before. It’s called Story by Steven James. Looks like it’s $3 from Amazon right now. I highly recommend it. As Advent begins, here’s an excerpt on the nature of Jesus.

I used to think I knew Jesus because I knew about him. But knowing someone’s resume and being someone’s brother are two completely different things. I found that out after I met Jesus for myself.

If you can make sense of Jesus, explain him, define him, or make him sound reasonable, my guess is you’ve never actually met him. After all, his closest friends didn’t understand him, the religious rulers thought he was possessed by demons, and his own family thought he’d gone insane. No one knew what to make of this man of mystery. I guess that’s what happens when God dresses in skin, when heaven’s wisdom speaks human words.

The greatest mystery of Christianity isn’t that God loves us; nearly every religion would tell you that much. The greatest mystery is that God actually became one of us.  

He is the mystic, majestic, mysterious Jesus. Holiness wrapped in humanity. He sneezed, coughed, yawned, burped, and got the hiccups, and yet he would walk on water, step through walls, and raise the dead. 

James then goes on to share this poem…

i don’t name you, you name me.
i don’t understand you, you understand me.
and the paradox of this love is that you uncover me as you unveil yourself.

the mystery of this discovery swallows all of who i am.
that’s the essence of faith.
if i could understand faith it would cease to be faith.
     i only know the mystery
    because the mystery knows me.



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