we have this dream…

I serve two pretty great churches in Anchorage, Alaska right now. Wonderful people in all seasons of life – doing their best to love God and all people. And we have this dream…

Small communities of 15-20 college students. Making dinner together each week. Reading scripture, exploring their faith, listening, singing, laughing. Led by college students who take turns offering their insight. Supported by a local pastor. Held in a welcoming home in different neighborhoods.

Each student community has an anchor church. A local church who wants to love college students where they are. A church who knows the end goal isn’t getting students into the building, but leaving the building to spend time with students in the community. A church who will be supportive and encouraging as students experience the highs and lows of getting a degree.

A lead team of students meet with a pastor twice a month to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus. They dig deep to challenge and encourage each other. The lead team follows a rule of life together. They covenant to pray, be present, serve and offer their gifts and talents to God and the community. The lead team doesn’t try to fix each other. We simply journey together.

Students engage with their neighborhood together. They tutor children at a local school, wash cars, shovel snow, pick up trash, give food to their friends, throw block parties for neighborhood kids. Whatever gifts God has given, students use them to show God’s love.

Students helping students follow Jesus at the University of Alaska-Anchorage.

14,000 students attend the Anchorage campus. There are two active campus ministries. We feel God calling, pushing, prodding us to be in relationship with college students as we seek to embody the love of Jesus.

If this is an adventure you’d like to help make a reality, would you prayerfully consider making a financial gift? It all goes to my salary as I seek to be a facilitator that keeps connections going between University of Alaska-Anchorage staff, students and anchor churches. Any amount will be very helpful. Seriously. $10 would be awesome. 🙂

We also would love your prayers as we take a big step of faith.

Inspired by New Day Dallas (www.newdaydallas.org)
Administratively Hosted by Anchor Park UMC (www.anchorpark.org)
In Partnership with East Anchorage UMC, Anchor Park UMC, Central Lutheran, St. Mary’s Episcopal, St. John UMC and Trinity Presbyterian
Part of the New Day Alaska network, a ministry of the Alaska United Methodist Conference (www.alaskaumc.org)

You can donate online here (under campus ministry): http://bit.ly/kvRf0L
Or you can give through the United Methodist Advance Special here: http://bit.ly/iYVae5

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