loving our family

I had one of those evenings tonight that I fell in love with the people I love all over again. I enjoy spending time in person or on the phone/Skype/Facebook with our families. I was born into one family and married into the other and I love these people.

But we usually see family members in certain situations – meals, vacations, on the weekends. Tonight I got to watch my little brother and mom in their element. My mom has worked her butt off on an awesome exercise and nutrition program for children, teens and parents. I went tonight to shoot a video to help get the word out. I can’t wait to share the video with you! My brother, who graduates this Sunday from UAA(!), led the game portion for elementary kids. He seems to really love kids and helping them be active in a fun way.

My dad recently got to see my sister teaching her kids in Idaho and was really impressed. I love listening to my dad and my father-in-law preach. I love embarrassing my husband by visiting him at work and seeing how much he enjoys working on computers. I love visiting my other brother at work and learning about BP.

Anyways, there’s just something great about seeing the people you love doing the thing they love.

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