Our 40 day period of fasting and focus ended this weekend. Aaron and I didn’t watch TV shows during Lent. I appreciated the quiet and time to focus on other things. This morning I woke up and decided to turn on the Today Show to see what it was like to watch TV again in the morning. I proceeded to watch 30 minutes on Libya and the royal wedding this upcoming weekend. I ate some breakfast, got ready for work and headed out the door.

I was halfway to work before it hit me. I didn’t spend time with God. I’d gotten in a great rhythm of spending about 15-20 minutes in prayer, reading and reflection each morning. I’ve felt more centered and focused the past 40 days than I have in a while.

That 30 minutes of TV completely distracted me from other things that were important to me. TV is not bad. But it can be a distraction.

I got to work and enjoyed the Common Prayer reading for today: Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless: give me life in your ways (based on Psalm 119:37).

What distracts you from more important things?

One thought on “distractions

  1. Jenny – Thanks for sharing your reflection on not watching TV shows during Lent. This is something that I have considered from time to time in my own life, but haven't actually made happen. I particularly appreciate your reminder that “TV is not bad. But it can be a distraction.”I find that social media and, at times, my own task list distracts me from more important things. I sometimes have things that I “need” to get done because they are on my list, which are actually not very important.Thanks for your post!


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