the sweetest sound

Being a 28 year old clergy person in the United Methodist Church, I get my fair share of age-related comments.

“You seem so young.” “You could be my grandchild.”

And usually I don’t mind. I know there will be a day I’ll miss being 28.

But as my first year of my first appointment comes to a close, there is one thing I mind. I wish my friends in their older years knew how much I want to be in ministry with them. I don’t want to do ministry for them. I want to be inspired by the dreams and faith of my friends, even as they see their friends die. I want to serve our community alongside my friends, even as they feel their bodies falling apart. I want to know this journey with God has been worth it, even as they lose their independence.

Yes, there’s much I don’t know about what it feels like to grow old. I don’t know the feelings and life experiences of this season of life. I hope I get to live long enough to learn.

I read Paul’s words in Philippians last week: “As long as I’m alive in this body, there is good work for me to do.” I love that! I think of my three living grandparents and all they do in service to others and I’m inspired. Here’s my grandpa in action.

This morning I heard the sweetest sound. We had a time of prayer to recommit ourselves to this journey with God and all the sudden I heard the sounds of a person and their walker coming to the altar area. Most beautiful sound I’ve heard in a while.

Thank you to my friends who inspire me with their faith, love and compassion. I hear of the things you do in our community and I’m proud to be one of your pastors. I look forward to even greater adventures together!

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