dolphins & God

A couple years ago Aaron and I were visiting family in Florida. We were walking along a pier and I noticed a father with his three sons. The dad was pointing excitedly to a pod of dolphins nearby. Several other people stopped by to see what he was pointing at. They strained to see what he was seeing.

As a follower of Jesus, we are to excitedly point to God’s movement in our world so others can see and experience it. It’s not our job to “make” God show up for people. Or to convince people. Just to excitedly point to where we see God.

Then, like the father, we can enjoy it with those who’ve stopped by.

One thought on “dolphins & God

  1. Very lovely devotional material here. Thanks.We probably don't want to push the metaphor, having a line of cars backed up, people honking, and getting mad. (Which is what I see on the Seward Highway sometimes with those Sheep)


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