Want to serve a church in Alaska?

Are you a United Methodist clergy person who’s dreamed of serving a church as a missionary? Looking for an adventure in a new culture and land?

I encourage you to prayerfully consider serving a church in Alaska.

I’m in my first appointment as a United Methodist clergy person in Anchorage, Alaska. It’s been a great season of adapting to life and ministry in this place. My husband and I moved here after I graduated from seminary in Ohio. This has been a great place to live out my call to ministry. The vastness of this land constantly reminds me of the vastness of God. Every square inch isn’t developed and it gives this kind of creative space in my soul that’s refreshing. I’ve been challenged, encouraged and blessed to get to know people from diverse cultures

Interested? Check out this letter from the Alaska Superintendent. Blessings!

3 thoughts on “Want to serve a church in Alaska?

  1. It sounds amazing! I have thought of it but I get so grumpy after long term snows that I don't think I could pull it off! What all have you had to adjust to that was different? I came from Colorado to West Virginia and found a lot of differences so I can imagine a little….


  2. Hello! That's a great point that not all people are designed for life in Alaska. It's suggested that all Alaskans take extra Vitamin D to help with the decrease in daylight. If you're proactive, get outside and exercise (ski, run/walk, hike, etc), it's a lot of fun. I'm finding everyone is more connected because the winters are long and we really need each other. The extreme contrasts make us appreciate the beautiful summer more than you can imagine!So it's difficult at times but if you're intentional, it's manageable. I've found a unique beauty in the dark and cold that surprised me.


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