We can’t get away from our expectations. They whisper and shout at us. They sneak in and surprise us. Somewhere inside our head and heart, we expect every Christmas to be like a wonderful Christmas from the past. The one when our house was full of people and laughter…when a loved one was alive…when your first child was born…when your family was in one piece.

And maybe this Christmas is different for you. You may not be with all the people you love. It may be the first without a loved one. You may be stationed at a military base far from home. Could be the first after a painful divorce.

Or maybe this Christmas is shaping up to be exactly like you hoped. Everything and everyone is in place and you envision magical moments of family togetherness.

I encourage you to let go of your expectations.

I wonder if some of the pain we feel at Christmas is because we compare each one to a memory. As long as we do that, it will never stand up to that powerful memory. And we’ll miss the beauty of a new Christmas moment right in front of us. 

God wants to speak to you this Christmas. To show you that your loved beyond what you can imagine. That new life and a fresh start is available every single day. That God walks with you through every life situation. And that God has some incredible dreams for how you might change your corner of the world.

Let go of past Christmas celebrations. Good and bad ones. Be present with the people you’re able to this Christmas. Create new traditions. Change can be good. Remember the past fondly but don’t stay there.

Clear away the clutter of past Christmas memories. Look up. God is giving you a brand new Christmas.

3 thoughts on “expectations

  1. I very nearly became the grammar nazi just now. Instead I think I will thank you for your thoughts and wish you and yours a VERY merry Christmas. We miss you folks down here in Florida. I am praying for you and for Aaron and for the ministries God has gifted you with. Hope I see you again someday. Love you!


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