a dirty car, God & fantasy football

I preached yesterday on Shane Hipps’ “Flickering Pixels.” Really enjoyed helping us think through our relationship with technology and faith. We talked about creating a media rule of life. Here’s mine that I’m working on:

1. Give priority to people over technology
2. Fast from internet one day a week
3. Will not text while driving
4. Will silence my phone/not look at it during active conversation with another person

So I’m sitting at Village Inn with my husband, mom and brother after worship. I get a phone call. I instinctively grabbed my phone from my pocket and checked the screen to see it was a friend from church. Then I remembered I was with people and put it away. Several hours later she called again and I was able to answer.

She had been driving home from worship. Pulled up to a stop light. She was going to check her fantasy football scores and remembered something from the sermon. She put her phone down and looked up. There in front of her was a dirty car with the words, “God is love,” written on the back.

I had shared that God communicates with us in so many ways but we often miss it because of our obsessions with our technology. God speaks to us in the chaos of traffic.

Where might God be trying to communicate with you today but you’re missing it?

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