New Church Leadership Institute West

The last week of October I got to attend the New Church Leadership Institute in Seattle with several other pastors from Alaska. It was a full week of good content and conversations.

You can see a summary of my notes here.

I really enjoyed the conversations around diversity. I’m surrounded my people with different cultures from my own so I want to do my best to understand the differences and commonalities.

I came away believing I may be called to start a new faith community in the future but many behaviors of a church planter can be applied effectively in my ministry as an appointed associate pastor.

If you love starting new things, have a heart for making new disciples of Jesus Christ, are a great communicator, enjoy networking, are highly motivated and have a high capacity for personal sacrifice, I strongly encourage you to pray about starting a new faith community!

There are people in our cities who don’t get too excited about joining an existing church for many reasons. But they would jump at the opportunity to be a part of something new and different. You may be the leader to do it.

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