Read a story in Mark 5 this morning when Jesus healed the dead girl and a sick woman. This is the one where Jairus’ daughter is dying and he pleads with Jesus to come heal her. And Jesus goes. On the way there, a big crowd followed and surrounded him. A woman who’d been sick for 12 years saw him and knew if she could just touch his cloak she’d be healed. And she was.


Causes us to do crazy, unbelievable, last-ditch effort things.

Anything to save a relationship. Find a job. Find a new relationship. To keep the family together. Begin a recovery process. Make a fresh start.

Jairus and the sick woman were desperate. For new life and for new health. And they didn’t waste time reading self-help books or figuring it out on their own. They instinctively knew who to talk to. And how does Jesus reward them?

Your faith has healed you.”

We turn to Jesus in our desperate moments. Our weak and frustrating moments. And our faith heals us.

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