along for the ride

After finding a great new place to get my hair cut (very important for us girls!), I was driving to Anchor Park UMC to work for a couple hours before our last VBS this evening. I took a short cut through a quiet neighborhood. I remembered going through this neighborhood on Monday with my senior pastor and staff on the way to a retreat. I was riding in the back seat at the time. There were so many things to see in this great neighborhood. Beautiful green lawns, girls playing jump rope and gorgeous Alaska summer flowers. I remember being grateful that I could just be along for the ride in the back seat. I saw so many details I never see.

Then today I realized as long as I was driving and in control, I couldn’t see the details. I missed all of it. 
It’s similar in our relationship with God. When we seek total control of our lives and agenda, it’s difficult to let go and let God take over. I think a lot of us really just want to sit in the back seat. We want God to take over our lives and teach us how to be more like Jesus. We know the peace and contentment we seek will come. 
But we continue to tap God on the shoulder, demand the car be stopped so we can jump back in the driver’s seat. And then we miss the details of life. They’re gone in an instant. 
May we loosen our grip on our lives today. God, take control of our lives. 

We’re just along for the ride.

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