summer of firsts

It’s been a summer of firsts. Officiated my first wedding on July 10 in Cooper Landing for friends of our family. It  was beautiful despite the rain and clouds. What an honor to represent God to the people gathered and to bless their marriage.

I gave my first sermon as Pastor Jenny last Sunday at East Anchorage and Anchor Park UMC. It’s a new feeling to actually help shape a congregation and its journey in this community. Every sermon I’ve given since I was 16 was usually a stand alone guest type thing. There wasn’t much staying power or consistency. But this time, I get to stick around and see how these messages are lived out. Gives new life and context for my work.

I got to lead communion for the first time on Sunday. I used one of our traditional settings that I’ve heard once a month since I was a child. I’m thankful for my UM Worship class last semester that required me to memorize the liturgy. I definitely used the book but that class helped it come alive for me. What a privilege to share our beautiful story of faith each month.

It’s certainly been an adjustment from life and ministry in Ohio to Alaska. But with each day, I get a bit more comfortable and see another piece of God’s vision for our time in this beautiful place.

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